Engineering, supplies and services for the gas industry
productes enginyeria serveis descàrregues

INIMO ENGINEERING, S.L. was constituted in 1991 through our vocation to service the gas industry and by making our professional experience available to the market.

We started our activities through the manufacturing and provision of Regulating Stations and pressure vessels.

In 1994 we began to supply the market with singular projects.

In 1998 we signed an agreement with FRANCEL in order to distribute their products in Spain.

In 2000 we expanded our distribution services by adding products from TARTARINI, hence, in this new millennium we are able to offer ENGINEERING, SUPPLIES AND SERVICES to the natural gas industry.

In concordance with our service police, in 2010 we reached an agreement with the company AUTOMA, who leads the develpment of monitoring and data-transmission equipment.

We will maintain our compromise to bring our experience and our commitment to quality, security and reliability to the holdings we project.

Our motto is to seek perfection through the development of our clients and contributors' knowledge of our products.

Inimo Ingeniería, S.L. C/. Luxemburgo, 2-4 Pol. Ind. Rosanes, 08769, Castellví de Rosanes · Barcelona